Claudia Zapata, MS, RD

Life is a series of negotiations, and the decisions you make regarding your health are no exception.

The Diplomacy Diet™ is the kinder, gentler approach to embracing health and wellness

Should you sleep in or go for a run? Take time to make oatmeal or grab a doughnut at the office? Have a nightcap or call it a night? Life is a series of negotiations, and a healthy lifestyle only happens after thoughtful negotiating with yourself and your environment.

With The Diplomacy Diet™, you’ll learn about the art of negotiation, and use it to broker deals that lead to positive, lasting lifestyle changes.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, make exercise a habit, or have a peaceful family dinner, The Diplomacy Diet™ can help you and your family move towards better health without putting up a fight.

Plan and strategize with pre-negotiations to make the healthy choice, identify must-make concessions, eliminate self-sabotage, and create an environment that supports your goals.

No more body bashing, disappointments or bouts of guilt. Never mind exercising willpower. The Diplomacy Diet™ helps you develop skills and strategies that make the healthy choice the easy choice. Ultimately, you’ll develop habits that keep you in control and that doughnut isn’t even an option. And, if you do happen to enjoy one now and again, you won’t feel guilty or be “cheating.”

Stay tuned for more about the Diplomacy Diet™ and contact Claudia if you want to book a presentation on the best approach to your best self.